Glue Gun


If you don't have one already then we can send a glue gun out with your materials for whatever online workshop you are signed up for. Everything else you need to take the course you are very likely to have in your house already.


Please note this is an add on item we do not sell them seperately so you can only buy our glue guns in conjuction with an online workshop place. 


We recommend this product be used by 14+ with adult supervision. A few details about the glue gun you'll be receiving: 


  • Perfect for: Our affordable glue guns are a no-brainer for hobbyists in the arts and crafts and occasional DIY workers.
  • Glue Sticks: Each gun is supplied with 2 glue sticks of the strongest adhesive, and a wire stand.
  • Trigger Control: To use, just gently pull the trigger to unleash the melted glue.
  • BS Approved plug: Our hot glue guns are powered with the British Standard 3 pin plug.
  • Long reach & Lightweight: With a 90cm long power cable, you can use this lightweight pistol-grip glue gun almost anywhere.

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Wild Hive is a boutique paper florist run by botanical artist, Bee Watson.


We create detailed crepe paper flowers from the study and photography of live flora and foliage. Every petal is cut and shaped by hand.


If you're interested in learning this beautiful craft yourself join Bee live at one of our weekly online workshops or keep an eye on our website for upcoming dates of classes in your area



Whether you are looking for spectacular blooms, planning the event of the year, want to find out more about our paper flower making workshops or in search of content for your next trail blazing blog post....

We'd love to hear from you so get in touch with Bee with your questions ideas, collaboration proposals and PR requests.


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